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I'm married....


New Year post time!

OK, so I start a new job on the 5th, and the lady otter already has one – all in all, a good prospect for the new year. However, in the mean time, we have no money spare for basic food stuffs. Well, until I get some junk sold. Then we have cash!


She’s been feeling a bit down though. Time for some ottery snuggling! :3

Christmas time is tomorrow! Fish for all!

Yay! Happy bouncy otter time! Christmas is tomorrow, and me and my wolfie are making a great big dinner! And our friend the fragon, Syruss, is coming to visit! Yes, I said fragon. He’s part fox, part dragon, and all cuddly! ^.^


Tomorrow, I will literally explode from the sheer amount of food. Yay! :3

Chilling and churring

Been a while since I last posted here. I've settled with my wolfie, and have a nice comfortable life. In fact, I'm getting married to her next April!

Been studying that piece of paper I found two posts ago. Amazing stuff. Seems there's this guy who loved all the people and animals so much that he sacrificed his son to save them all. Weird stuff, but compelling to say the least.

I hope I find some more of this stuff to read. Might have to sneak up to the human village and look for some.

Peace out, fuzzy dudes!

Benny Otter

It's been a while....

Well, moving from one burrow and then back to my old one, only to get ready to move to yet another is taking its' toll on my free time. Mind you, when I have had a chance to sit down and read (I love reading Lutra poetry....especially love poems....), I have been able to get some of that human writing from that page I mentioned in my last post translated.

It's...well....it's kinda weird, really.

it's something about loving, giving, a son, and dying.

Well, I gotta spoing away for now. I have fishies to hunt and eat! And I need to prepare the den for my wolfie mate! She's moving in with me soon!

See ya dudes!

Benny Otter

Something odd outside my burrow

Hey all! I was happily cuddling my wolfie this morning when I heard voices outside my burrow. I don't normally hear voices outside, unless my friend Dusk the husky comes to visit. No, this was humans, out in the river. Not just beside it, nor in a boat, but actually in the water itself.

They were talking, and reading from a book. They seemed to find it really important. There was singing, and dancing, and cheering. It sounded like great fun! I sat outside on the bank, watching. Three people moved out into the river, and held one of them between the other two, before they lowered the one in the middle under the water. A few seconds later, he came back up and they all started cheering and dancing again!

Here I was, waggling my tail happily and dancing too. The music and cheering was infectious - I couldn't help but want to dance! They left some time later, though. It was then I swam over to where they were, and I found a piece of paper with some human writing on it. I'll have to study it a bit to work out what it says.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Benny Otter

It was thiiiiiiiiiiiis big!

Heya all! I have soooo got to tell you about the pike that swam past my burrow! I kid you not, it was thiiiiiiiiiiiis big!

,,,            ^o.o^            ,,,

Yep! Bigger than me!

Lasted about....oooh, 10 minutes. ^.^ *burps* Yummy!

Woah, I am one big, fat otter. *pokes my belly* Heh heh! My wolfie will like that. She loves big, fat otters.

In fact, I think I hear her now! Yay! Wolfie! *spoings away*

Heya all! First posting!

Hi everyone! This is my first post on LiveJournal! I'm an otter, a North American river otter to be precise, and this is where I post my day to day happenings and anything that seems interesting.

To start with today, I managed to find a fish twice the size of me! Yay! Big dinner for hungry ottah!

Also, my mate, Loupgaros the wolfess, is as playful and loving as ever. She really brightens my days. I love you wolfie!

Gotta go, I hear splashing outside my burrow. It's probably another fishie! Omnomnom!

See ya around guys!

Benny Ottah